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How I got into chainsaw Carving.

I have always been an artistic person. Blessed with a very creative mind. When I was younger I was always sketching and drawing all kinds of things. As I became a teenager I wanted to do auto body repair and custom paint and learned the trade. While that didn’t take off many skills and patience were learned. Soon after that, I was working full time at a warehouse, starting a family and purchasing our first home. This is where I pursued woodworking, creating Adirondack-style tables and custom pieces.

During this time I had the opportunity to purchase an old Stihl O32av a heavy cinder block of a chainsaw with a bar and chain. One day I decided to try and carve a bear with my old cinder block and made something that kinda looked like a bear. It was crap in my eyes but I saved it and still have it to this day.

Soon after that first sad attempt at chainsaw carving my wife and I found ourselves at a local Runnings store. My wife out of the blue said let’s go look at those chainsaws on sale I said why she said maybe you should start chainsaw carving you have all kinds of talent and I think you can do it. (WOW that was a big surprise to me, I thought who is this chick! )

Runnings had the Stihl MS170 on sale and after more encouragement and pressure from my wife, we purchased the saw. I was excited to start and carved up my first bear with the new saw. It was rough and far from perfect. Encouragement from my wife, friends, and family pushed me headfirst into chainsaw carving.

Here we are roughly five years later and while Chainsaw carving is not my day job I’m consumed by it. Carving as often as I can even going as far as having a YouTube channel sharing my work and teaching others the best I can. Chainsaw carving has become a passion and a blessing for me.

If you are interested in learning how to chainsaw carve or seeing videos of me carving you can Subscribe to my YouTube channel- Kyle Hall Woodworker.

Also, keep an eye out here on my website as I will be putting together full-length tutorial videos sharing what I know with in-depth step-by-step tutorials for purchase.

YouTube channel link

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