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New build on the Way !

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hi everyone I wanted to make a quick post about a cool project/collaboration that's in the works. Recently I had a company called (TV lift Cabinet ) reach out and ask if I would be interested in using one of their tv lifts to create a piece of my design. I have decided to create an elegant rustic tv/entertainment stand. Currently, I'm thinking the main woods will be black walnut, cherry burl, and oak. While I'm still in the design stages the goal is to create a high-end functional piece that stands out from other rustic tv/entertainment stands.

I plan to have this piece done and available by September 2021. Follow my social media to get more updates as I will be sharing this build from start to finish!

You can see what TV Lift Cabinet has to offer over here

Sincerely Kyle.

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