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Adirondack table 


This unique Adirondack-style table is ready to add character and conversation to any room in your home or camp.

 This table has a beautiful Australian lacewood top. The grain and patterns have so much character and depth that you can lose track of time just staring into it. In the right light the top has almost a holographic look to the grain patterns. The skirting has been detailed with white birch bark, reverse birch bark, birch twigs, acorns, and pine cones. We were lucky to find the perfect piece of drift that had a solid trunk and root system for the perfect look and stability. This piece helps give this table the look or feeling it was just growing in the Adirondacks this way. Several other details added to the base include rocks, pine cones, and beautiful Whitetail deer antlers .


   The top the of the table measures 18-1/2 x 19 inches and the overall height is 25 inches. The base is roughly 22 wide and 22 deep giving the table a nice stable foot print . 


Please contact for shipping or delivery options as they are not included in the price . Also feel free to contact with any other questions regarding this piece .


Adirondack table

$900.00 Regular Price
$747.00Sale Price
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