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This beautiful table was inspired by the work of beavers here in the Adirondacks . The beavers create a natural art form when chewing and stripping sticks . This natural art can be seen throughout this piece upon closer inspection.

  The dark beautiful top is natural colored black walnut. The walnut top has a beautiful sheen from a carefully hand rubbed finish. The skirting that wraps around the table is composed of natural beaver chewed sticks . While each of these sticks has been stripped by a beaver some of the ends were carved to have the natural chew look. The horizontal stick on the front of the table makes a nice accent but also doubles as a drawer handle. The walls of the drawer have been lined with beaver sticks and have a piece of vintage panel for the bottom.

 The tables main support is a stripped piece of yellow birch . This beautiful piece of yellow birch has natural beaver chews and markings from bugs that once lived between the bark and wood . After inspecting the work of the bugs I decided they did a wonderful job of adding detail to this piece but it needed more . I spent some time with power carving tools and created more of the flowing lines to match  the ones the bugs made . This main support has a goldeneye oak stain added with a satin polyurethane finish.

  Moving down to the black walnut base you will find a few stones and beaver sticks scattered across its top. Each corner has a foot created from a natural beaver chewed stick . These carved feet were a fun challenge to wrap up and over the corner. Each was carved to match the bug markings of the main support. These feet were finished with golden oak stain and a satin polyurethane finish.

  This beautiful piece took Professional Excellence in 2018 at the Northeastern woodworker Association show in Saratoga NY .


  The top measures 71-1/2 inches long and averages 12-1/2 across the middle . The base is 45 inches long and 18-3/4 inches deep. This measurement is from the out side of the corner feet . The overall height is 30-7/8 inches. 


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Adirondack sofa table

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