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This shark was carved with a few different chainsaws . The detail work was done with grinders and power carving burrs . The shark is carved from catalpa woood and the seal is carved from black walnut. 
 The overall piece has been finished with multiple coats of Minwax Helmsman, which is an exterior polyurethane.

 The overall height of this piece is roughly 4-1/2 ft tall . 

   You can watch me create this piece on my YouTube channel ( Kyle Hall Woodworker).


Thank you for looking.




Shark breaching for a seal

SKU: Shark Breach
  • This piece has an exterior finish of minwax helmsman polyurethane to help protect it from the elements. It is important to re apply the polyurethane as needed to keep your piece looking great . 
       When placing your carving in it's forever home it is important to not be placed directly on the ground . Use paver block or something to keep the carving up of the ground . This will help keep the base dry and  help keep the base from rotting fast.

    it is important to not place your carving directly in the sun or need to a heating source like a vent , wood stove , fire place ,or out door fire . Being next to these things can cause the piece to dry out causing major cracking and could be a fire hazard.

    With that this is carved from real wood . The wood can develop cracks over time even if it is properly takin care of . This just happens.  I'm willing to fix a cracked carving once , as long as you can get the carving to me and pick it back up . So if it cracks let it sit a while before fixing so all the cracking is done. This first repair is on the house . Any future repairs will need to be discussed. 

    Any other questions please feel free to ask . 

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