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This beautiful conversation piece would be the perfect addition to any collection.

    After a year of designing, carving , and wood fabricating the piece I dreamt up is finally complete. This beautiful table is definitely a one of a kind piece inspired by natural trees and root systems. This table is composed of my two favorite wood species black walnut, and cherry burl . 
  The top and shelf of this table are beautiful pieces of slabbed cherry burl . The burl has been sanded to a beautiful smooth finish with a turquoise color epoxy added to the voids for added detail. Once the epoxy was dry the top was resanded and finished with hand rubbed teak oil and a furniture wax to seal it . The grain patterns of the cherry burl are so full of natural beauty you could lose yourself staring at them. The goal of adding the turquoise colored epoxy was to give the table the feeling that water was splashed onto and running down the sides of the burl . This little bit off added color also brings out those beautiful grain patterns in the burl.

  The legs and base of the table are black walnut . This gorgeous wood has a deep rich walnut color that  stands alone in its beauty.  The legs have been pieced together and carved to look  similar to trees and roots  . These legs were months in the making with beautiful results. They were carved with power carving burrs , sanded , and finished with hand applied teak oil. The lower portion of the base was carved to look like an intertwined root system and attached to the legs . Once attached the pieces were carved and shaped to flow into one another .

The measurements of the beautifully handcrafted piece are below;

The top measures 24-1/2 inches at the widest point (this includes the sticks at the sides of the top) and 20 inches front to back.

The overall height of the table is 33-1/2 inches tall.


Please contact for delivery , and shipping options. Also please feel free to contact with any questions.

     Thank you .


Walnut & Cherry burl entryway table

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