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Starting from the top of the desk .

The 12 drawer case is made from black walnut. The drawer fronts have beautiful black walnut veneer on them . Each drawer pull is hand shaped cherry burl with a tied fly fishing fly inlayed each one . The see through top has three pieces of black walnut that were poured with epoxy for a solid top . The two hanging drawer cases are made from black walnut and also have beautiful walnut burl veneer on the front and sides . The drawer pulls match the ones above . Looking through the transparent top you can see the two cherry burl carved trout . These two trout are attached to a pear wood base that has been carved to have natural looking voids .

  The lamp has a black walnut base with two trout carved from beautiful cherry burl . These trout are mounted with brass rods holding them up . The articulating up right is made from cherry and black walnut . The knobs on the lamp were created to match the drawer pulls with each one being cherry burl with a fly in the ends . The lamp shade is black walnut that was very carefully turned on a lathe . This lamp uses a very low watt amber light bulb .

  The swivel chair has an apple wood base . There are three pan fish carved from maple burl attached underneath.The upright apple wood stick is attached to the contoured black walnut seat and back rest. 


Please feel free to contact with any questions on this three piece set.


Waters Edge desk

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Overall measurements of the desk 

    48 inches to the top of the 12 drawer case .

    35 inches to the top of the desks surface 

    the desk is 40-3/8 inches wide and 20 inches deep 

    the top case drawers in side measurements are from 6-1/2 to 5-5/8 wide and 3-3/8 to 3-3/4 inches deep 

    the lower case drawers inside measurements are 7-1/4 inches wide to 5-1/4 inches deep 

    'The chair 

    50-3/8 inches to the highest point of the back stick

    the seat is 28-1/4 inches from the floor and is 9-1/2 inches wide

    the foot rest is 6 inches from the floor 

    the overall foot print for the base is 23x23 

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