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Adirondack furniture and décor

  Adirondack Inspiration

As a self-taught artist blessed with a creative imagination,  I enjoy the freedom of exploring different techniques and materials in building and creating, while continually striving to perfect and expand my skills.

Living with the beautiful Adirondack Mountains as my backdrop, I take full advantage of the surrounding landscape to give me inspiration.


When creating stick furniture and various décor pieces, the main goal on my mind is to make a product that will give the customer the feeling that they have just brought part of the Adirondacks indoors. I try to make these pieces mostly from local woods and other materials native to the surrounding area. This is not always possible as a customer may ask for something different, or a creation of my own might be calling for something more exotic.


Whether I am creating stock for a local shop, fulfilling a custom order or creating a piece I dreamt up, it is always my passion and goal to create beautiful heirloom pieces that will last and be enjoyed by families for years to come.

Chainsaw carving 

From Log to Art

I added chainsaw carving to my artistic designs in the summer of 2015 after my wife encouraged me to buy a chainsaw and give it a try. When starting a carving I have not done before, I spend time studying photos or drawings of the new design. Once I have done the research and visualized the piece, it’s time to fire up the chainsaws.

    Various chainsaws are used throughout the carving process. In the beginning they are used to cut simple lines that rough out things like a body, mouth, ears, claws and snout.

     Once finished with the saw work, it is time to use a variety of sanders and bits to smooth out the piece and add those little details that will make a carving standout.

From here most carvings will receive paint and a protective finish.

    Still perfecting techniques in this new art form, I continually work to improve on creating the fine details of each piece which makes each finished carving unique.

    You can visit the gallery to view some of my finished work, and can watch me creating some of these pieces in action on my YouTube channel.

    Contact me to get started on seeing your ideas come to life!


    Blueline or BL Line

These products range from $150 or less. These items are created using the same high-quality materials and techniques as our Foothills Line but tend to be smaller and less detailed. You can purchase these items from our Etsy shop. Click the photo above to be redirected to our Etsy shop.


      Foothills Line or FTH Line

These products range from $150 to $800. Items from this line include Adirondack style furniture, chainsaw carvings, custom signs and some onsite work.


       High Peaks Line or HP Line

Items in this line are of our highest quality. From custom orders to our own creations you can expect to see more detail with each piece. Orders from this line will include a YouTube video of the piece being created. These pieces will start at $800 and increase. Items from this line include but are not limited to Adirondack furniture, custom chainsaw carvings, and onsite work.

    Please see our gallery to check out items from each line.

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